White 99 Strain

White 99 Strain

About white 99 strain

Combining the heavy Indica strain, The White with the strong Sativa strain Cinderella 99 yields the amazing hybrid known as White 99. This strain yields bright green buds with yellowish-orange hairs that look as though they were sprinkled with sugar. White 99 has a fresh, almost tropical aroma that is followed by a sweet citrus flavor that many describe as a Kush aftertaste. Strain connoisseurs that like both Indicas and Sativas will have a hard time passing up White 99.

The White x Cinderella 99

White 99 descends from sophisticated parentage. It’s mama, Cinderella 99, is one of my favorite strains because of the chatty and social boost it gives me. White 99 is more subdued. With less chattiness but just as much euphoria, White 99 is excellent for calm productivity and relief of depression. It tests quite high in THC (over 25%) making it more than worth a shot for stoners with a higher tolerance.


White 99 is light green with soft yellow and orange hairs running throughout. Buds are compact, dense, and covered in a large concentration of trichomes. Throw this strain in a grinder and it comes out soft, sticky, and pungent. 
Like it’s mom, it has a strong aroma and flavor of candy and citrus.

The High

This strain is very high in THC so it is quite potent. It’s also a bit slower to kick in, taking a good ten minutes to feel the effects, so newbies definitely need to take it one puff at a time.

But for the seasoned connoisseur, White 99 kicks ass. Well-balanced with no noticeable energy lift, yet still results in tons of productivity and creativity. It has those high-functioning Sativa characteristics without the jumpiness or paranoia that sometimes accompanies them. You can expect the effects to last about ninety minutes to two-and-a-half hours.


White 99 is very effective at treating depression. With just enough kick to get the depressive motivated, it’s also a great treatment for stress and anxiety.

This strain is predominantly cerebral, so users looking for pain management may want to try something different. For beginners, I would suggest trying this strain in the evening, just in case a post-high-crash makes you ready for a nap.

And as I’ve already mentioned, this is a more potent strain, so be conservative in your dosing and give each hit plenty of time to set in.

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