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Baked Bar THC VAPE

With regards to this flavors, they are been derived from California’s top strains cannabis flowers and we have juicy flavors. Our flavors ranges from Sativa to Indica and Hybrid domains and we have multiple flavor packs. Getting Baked bar vapes online from us is easy as well as there are other baked bar thc shops online which they offer similar services.

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89.73 % THC

DELIVERY: Fast and Discretely Reliable.


Buying baked bar vape thc online in our shop comes with a lot of discounts. We offer free delivery to every destination. Baked bars cart is one of the purest THC vapes we have and it is pesticide free and lab tested. Our oils comes along with baked bar vape pen in which we offer for free and also  we do have baked bar thc disposables.

Shop now from us and enjoy exclusive discounts and all orders above $250 comes with edibles for free.



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