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Gelonade strain

Gelonade is a hybrid weed strain which is made by a cross of the lemon tree strain, and the Gelato 41

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Strain information

Gelonade is a hybrid weed strain which is made by a cross of the lemon tree strain, and the Gelato 41 strain. It’s top reported effects are;

  • Tingly
  • uplifting
  • euphoric

Also, It has a very sweet flavor which users report is like citrus or vanilla. This strain is very popular in California. Again, It’s very important for medical marijuana patients as they use it to treat pain, stress and depression.

Where can I buy Gelonade strain

Firstly, You are in the right place. This strain is available for sale online here at Tps cannabis dispensary for only the best prices. Secondly, This strain is exotic so it costs fairly more than other strains on our book . The prices for Gelonade are:

  • 1 pound (453 grams) goes for $2500
  • 1/2 pound (226.5 grams) goes for $1300
  • A 1/4 pound (123 grams) goes for $700 
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  • An ounce (28 grams) goes for $275

So this is our gelonade strain price here at Tps dispensary. Buy this gelonade online here and benefit from its amazing effects and also from the best price on top shelf marijuana. Deliveries are also done everywhere so you can buy cannabis online Europe, the USA or wherever you are in the world.



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