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Punch Breath strain hemp flower

Punch Breath doesn’t sound like something you want near your mouth, but hopefully our reviewers can share why this strain might be worth a try! This indica-dominant strain was created by Symbiotic Genetics, crossing Mendo Breath with Purple Punch.

The Punch Breath buds resemble dense, fuzzy balls, with about a third of the surface area in bushy patches of orange pistils. The rest of the buds consist of jagged and twisted lime-green leaves, showing specks of fern-green peeking out from underneath. Fuzzy yellow trichome hairs wrap around the buds lending their brightness to this strains color.

The aroma is sweet, and rich with odors of sage, mint, citrus, and berries. The taste is both fruity and refreshing as flavors of menthol-mint and spicy sage fuse together perfectly.

This potent hybrid tested over 23% THC, with most users reporting a stimulating cerebral euphoria. This energetic euphoria can be the perfect daytime choice for Indica lovers looking to keep moving. The choice is yours, as many users found the body buzz soothing and experienced reductions in chronic pain and anxiety. Despite the potency, focus and motivation reportedly were enhanced in most users, though it may take some testing to find the right dose for you.

Punch Breath is a versatile strain, that some say is the perfect companion for some nighttime snacking and a movie, or to join in on a morning yoga class.

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Punch Breath is a hybrid strain and it is a cross between the famous Mendo Breath and the legendary Purple Punch. If you’re looking for a strain that will instantly tingle you and makes you very bliss out. Punch Breath is what you need! This hybrid strain features a sweet look, berry aroma and it burns smooth. With all the amazing qualities of the Punch Breath strain, we think it will quickly become your new favorite hybrid.

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Hemp has always been a point of contention among people around the globe for the legalities attached. Numerous countries banned the use of such materials after the reports of its abuse emerged around the global circle. Now the need and craze for hemp have a renewed vigor. 

The federal levels granted legalization to industrial hemp flowers in 2018, thus allowing its use. Now people are enthusiastic about experiencing the effects provided by the diverse strains of hemp flowers via smoking. Before you decide to get yourself some hemp, there are a few things you must know, starting with what it is;

What is hemp flower strain?

When we talk about strains among flower products, it refers to the minimal differences between flowers within one single family. A hemp flower strain refers to one such variation in the hemp plant with a unique lineage. The unique lineage causes a distinctive terpene profile flavor content and cannabinoid profile. 

There is a common misconception and confusion among people when they compare hemp with marijuana. Some people consider them different plant species when in truth they are members of the same plant family. Under the Cannabises family, they are simply two different names for the client. The primary difference between the two lies in their Tetrahydrocannabinol content.

Hemp refers to cannabis that has 0.3% or a lesser amount of THC in them. The THC measurements depend on the weight of dry leaves. As the THC number is so low, the chances of you getting intoxicated or high are very rare. 

How do you choose the best hemp flower strain?

When it comes to choosing the best hemp flower strain, the variety of options makes people contemplate. Here you must know a few aspects that will help you understand which hemp flower strain would be perfect for you;

  • The hemp flower types and their growing season

As there are numerous hemp flower strains, their characteristics differ from one another. The characteristics depend on the growing season and the maturing period of the flower strains. The areas of the country with a shorter growing season require hemp strain choice that matures faster. In the colder regions of the country, the selection of hemp flower strains should be as such that they mature before the autumn season begins. Auto flower strain is a dynamic example that gets harvested within 75 days of planting.

The faster-growing hemp allows farmers to go for a second round of harvesting in a year. 

  • A robust genetic

The degree of robustness in the flower strain genetics plays a pivotal role in selecting a particular hemp flower strain. A hemp farm growing in a greenhouse holds the capacity to stand against the test of weather and climatic conditions. The hemp grown in the outdoor environment has to bear the brunt of heavy rains, scorching heat, chilly nights, and strong winds. Apart from these environmental factors, the hemp plants get attacked by locusts and bugs. These insects destroy a lot of hemp crops. The hemp crops that survive all these predicaments emerge to be the best hemp flower strain. 

  • Finding the best between CBD and CBG cannabinoid hemp flower strains

People often suffer from confusion concerning the superiority between CBD and CBG cannabinoid hemp flower strains. Lately, the CBG hemp flower strain is gaining immense popularity among the masses. Earlier, producing the CBG variant happened to be difficult because hemp flowers fail to produce higher quantities of CBG. CBG finds their origin from the CBGA in a hemp plant. After multiple breakdowns of the CBGA compounds, CBD and THC get derived. Most of the CBGA gets converted into CBD and THC, leaving behind a bare minimum of CBG. Thus, most of the hemp strains have nothing higher than 1% CBG. 

Here you must decide which strain favors you. Depending on your crop requirements, you have to opt for one, or both with CBG getting compromised.

  • The aspect of terpene

Terpene is one of the major driving factors behind choosing the best hemp flower strain. Terpene refers to the aromatic oils generated out of the cannabis plants and has greater healing properties. Before deciding on the hemp flower strain, consider their specific terpenes.

Once you figure out your wants, finding the best hemp flower strain won’t be a hassle. Choose the trusted places to get hold of such vital cannabis.


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