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Purple sunset strain

The flowers of the Purple Sunset strain are large with purple color and amber hairs supporting them. Picking it up in your hands would make them sticky.

The average THC content of 22% makes it a mild strain when it comes to sedative properties. However, it is perfect for calming the brain and body. Once the high starts getting to your body, you can feel the delight siftings through your cells, providing you with a creative mind. The feelings of stress and anxiety will soothe away, and as a result, you can find your mind in the most relaxing state.

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You can find The Purple Sunset Strain on websites like They say that The Purple Sunset Strain came into existence after combining three different strains, including Purple Punch, Mandarin Sunset, and Mandarin Cookies. The mixture formed because Purple Sunset is slightly Indica dominant, thus providing the users with a calming high without making them lethargic like some of the other Indica dominant varieties.

The taste of the Purple sunset strain is sweet with a fruity touch. However, your tastebuds can detect the sour and flowering flavors as an aftertaste. The aroma of this strain is similar to its taste. But you can taste the spiciness of the buds if the plant is burnt.

As the high continues, you’ll start feeling the relaxing impact on your body, making it feel lighter and relaxed. You do not get into a sleepy-head state. But don’t be surprised to pass out to a nice sleep with purple sunset strain.

The soothing and relaxing mental capability makes it one of the strains that can treat ADD, ADHD, Depression, anxiety, and stress. Being a relaxing strain, it can drive away your tensions and worries.

Some users have reported it makes them hungry, so it can be used to increase appetite.

If you are a new user, you might have to go through dry mouth, dry eyes, and mild nausea. However, don’t consume it in large quantities at once, as it can lead to paranoia and other negative symptoms. Generally, these symptoms wear off in few hours, and regular users might not even face any of these issues.


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