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Unicorn poop strain

Unicorn Poop strain was bred by crossing GMO and Sophisticated Lady, and the result from ThugPug Genetics was the creation of a legendary creature. ThugPug (Gromer Juana) is known for exotic strains with names to match, such as other notable cultivars Meat Breath and Stankasaurous. Unicorn Poop follows suit, expressing a rainbow of colour on the buds and strong scents of citrus and fuel.

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Unicorn Poop strain known as an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa). It’s a rare and exotic hybrid strain created by crossing Lady X GMO Strains.

We know, „Unicorn Poop” sound strange, but it is serious strain.

Unicorn Poop has a taste of sweet yet sour citrusy fruits with hints of freshly ripened berries and a touch of earthiness.

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