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  • 500mg THC Edibles (Frank’n Stein)

    500 mg edible gummies

    500 mg edible gummies are crafted in beautiful British Columbia.

    500 mg edible gummies are a fun, nostalgic way to medicate.

    You can order 500 mg edible gummies here

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  • Banana Punch strain

    Banana punch Strain

    Banana Punch #9 is a wonderful strain. Originally bred by Symbiotic Genetics, Banana Punch #9 is a delectable craft cannabis strain that was created as a cross between Banana OG and Purple Punch. Phenotype #9 was specifically chosen because it set itself apart with its’ tropical and pineapple-like undertones, along with its’ unmatchable potency.

    As a cross between two Los Angeles craft staples, this hybrid inherits a high THC concentration that can soar as high as 27%, packing quite the literal punch.

    You can order Banana Punch strain here

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  • Blue Dream Delta 8 THC Disposable

    Blue Dream Delta 8 THC Disposable | Sativa

    Gold Silver Blue Dream Delta 8 THC Disposable is now featured in a premium 2 GRAM device. This new 2 Gram disposable features pre-heat functionality and three different voltage settings. Pairing our high quality Delta 8 distillate with our unique Blue Dream terpenes, users will experience a potent sativa effect packed with a sweet blueberry profile with every exhale.

    Order Blue Dream THC disposable here


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  • Cake cart THC

    Cake cart THC 510 | 1g

    Cake is one of the best brand on the market and features some of the most potent D8 distillate available anywhere. Choose from their most popular classic flavors or experience their newest strains including Blueberry Cookies, Thin Mint Shake and Cucumber Lime. Each Cake Delta 8 Cartridge contains one gram of the finest Delta 8 distillate ready to be paired with your favorite 510 Thread Battery!

    Order this Cake cart here

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  • Delta-8-Disposable-Thin-Mint-Shake

    Cake Delta 8 Disposable Thin Mint Shake

    Cake Delta 8 THC 1.5 disposable vape is the latest innovation from Cake. This newly-released Cake 1.5gram Delta 8 THC disposable device boasts Cake Classics Delta 8 flavors. They redesigned this disposable for optimal performance to offer users an incredible Delta 8 experience.

    This Cake D8 disposable is an auto draw device. All you have to do is unpack your rechargeable disposable vape and simply start puffing away. Cake Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable Vapes come in 12 different flavors. From Blueberry cookies to Banana Runtz these vape disposables are Nicotine free, there is literally something for everyone. They are packed with the right amount of Delta 8 THC oil, and hemp-derived terpenes.  No additional batteries are needed. Unbox and enjoy.

    You cana order Cake Delta 8 Disposable here


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  • cake-delta-8

    Cake Delta 8 Disposable Vape | 1.5g

    Let’s check the most inspiring device – USB rechargeable Cake 1.5g Disposable Vape. This innovative new device is Cake’s follow-up to their famous 1 gram disposables. This 1.5 gram disposable vape gives users 50% more of their favorite Delta-8 distillate at a price that cant be beat.  Cake paid the finest attention to detail when creating these D8 vapes from the creative packaging all the way down to the battery style (it’s sleek!). With 15 delicious Cake Classics flavors and strains to choose from, there’s sure to be a perfect Cake Device for everyone!

    Order order this cake delta

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  • Animal Cookies disposable

    Cake HHC Disposable – Animal Cookies

    Cake Brand has just launched their new HHC disposables made with premium active ingredient sourced from the finest hemp farms in the country. HHC is reported to be much more stronger and potent than Delta 8 THC and Delta 9. These vapes come packed and filled with 1.5 grams of HHC and are ready to be vaped right out of the box.

    You can order Cake HHC Disposable here

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  • canna lean Cannalean

    Canna lean 1000mg THC (Vancity Labs)

    Buy Vancity Labs – Canna Lean 1000mg THC at LowPriceBud Online Shop

    You can mix it with your favorite sodas like Sprite and sip until you feel its potency. Important to realize, cannabis drinks can take up to an hour before activating; therefore, proceed with caution and drink responsibly.

    Order canna lean here


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  • thc Lean

    Canna thc Lean (Wonders)

    Wonders Canna thc Lean is a cannabis-infused syrup that can be added to your favourite beverages.

    Each 100ml bottle contains 1000mg of THC

    You can get more information about THC syrup in video THC Lean Syrup!!!

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  • Caribbean Dream strain

    Caribbean dream strain

    The Caribbean Dream strain is a hybrid with indica dominance ranging between 70 to 90. Due to the rarity of its rich fruity taste, many analysts have awarded this strain with the A+ grade. This strain spreads around the room rapidly and creates a pungent, sweet smelling aroma. The yellowish green composition spreads out easily when broken or grounded. The strain is reportedly prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression and pain. It takes effect shortly after being consumed, wearing off quite slowly. One of the positive influences of this strain is that it is psychoactive in nature and takes the patient into a euphoric state. In addition to relieving pain, it makes the person feel drowsy. This strain spreads in the room rapidly and creates a strong aroma, which, as described by the patients, is pungent and fruity.

    Please buy Caribbean dream strain here

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  • crumbs delta flying monkey disposable poundcake

    Crumbs Delta 10 Disposable by Flying Monkey | 1g

    Delta 10 THC disposables being brought to you by Flying Monkey’s new brand called Crumbs. Delta 10 thc has been reported by users to be stronger than delta 8 thc. You can expect the same great quality from Flying Monkey.

    Please order Crumbs Delta 10 here

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  • delta 10 gummies

    Delta 10 gummies: 3 Flavors

    Delta 10 Gummies, have 25mg of Delta 10 in each.

    You can choose between Sour Watermelon or Sour Gummy Kids.

    Meet delta-10 THC, a close molecular relative to delta-9 THC (famously known as the cannabinoid that causes the euphoric high), and delta-8, which will also get you high but reportedly less intensely than delta-9.

    You can buy delta 10 gummies here 

    More inforamtion about

    • Delta-10 can and will get you high, but is thought to have lower psychotropic effect
    • Products on this site contain a value of 0.3 or less Δ9THC (or no more than 0.3 Δ9THC).


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  • Delta 8 Disposable Purple punch

    Delta 8 Disposable Purple punch (Cake)

    The all new Cake 1.5 disposable vape! Cake has done it again. Now releasing the new Cake 1.5 gram delta-8 thc disposable device in their Cake Classics delta 8 flavors. The all new redesigned device for optimal performance.

    This cake d8 disposable is auto draw. All you have to do is unpack your rechargeable disposable device and simply start puffing away.

    Cake Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable Vapes come in 12 different flavors. From Blueberry cookies, to Banana Runtz these vape disposables are Nicotine free. Cake vapes are packed with the right amount of Delta 8 THC oil, and hemp derived terpenes.  No additional batteries needed. Unbox and enjoy.

    You can order Disposable Purple punch here

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  • buy Delta 8 THC Peach Rings

    Delta 8 THC Peach Rings

    Sweet and succulent like a fresh-picked peach, our Peach Rings are a sure-fire hit for those who love their Delta 8 THC in a tasty and fun gummy ring. Each ring carries with it a delightful taste and a powerful 30-milligram dose of Delta 8 THC. One bite, and you’ll be feeling peachy in no time.

    You can buy Delta 8 THC Peach Rings

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  • delta 9 gummies

    Delta 9 Gummies URB Extrax | 10 count

    IT is big pleasure to introduce a revolutionary innovation for the industry, being that these 6 gram gummies feature 10mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. This means that these gummies are a fully legal hemp product under the parameters of the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill as they contain 0.25% delta-9-THC on a dry weight basis. Each pack contains 10 gummies per pack. Each gummy contains 10mg delta 9 thc, for a total of 100mg delta 9 thc per pack. This collaboration between URB and Delta Extrax (URB EXTRAX), two of the premier hemp companies in the United States, is sure to please.

    You can order Urb Extrax Gummies here

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